Energy Insurance to Protect Companies in the Energy Industry

Energy insurance coverage from RIG is designed to address the specific risks encountered by energy companies. Whether you’re involved in renewable energy projects such as wind farms and solar installations or traditional oil and gas exploration and production, policies and risk management strategies can be customized to meet your company’s unique needs.

Insurance for Every Type of Energy Operation

Energy insurance from RIG includes renewable energy insurance coverage for wind farms, solar energy projects, hydroelectric facilities, and more. Property insurance safeguards your renewable energy infrastructure against risks such as natural disasters, equipment failure, and vandalism. Liability coverage protects your company from claims of bodily injury or property damage arising from your operations.

For traditional oil and gas operations, insurance solutions cover exploration, production, transportation, and distribution activities. Tailored policies can protect your oil and gas assets, including wells, pipelines, refineries, and storage facilities, against risks such as spills, explosions, and environmental damage.

Energy insurance coverage also can include:

Liability Coverage

Liability is a major concern for energy companies, as accidents or incidents can result in costly legal claims and damages. Liability coverage and risk management solutions tailored specifically for energy companies can protect your company from claims of bodily injury, property damage, pollution, and other liabilities arising from your operations.

Property Insurance for Energy Infrastructure

Energy infrastructure is a significant investment for energy companies, and protecting this infrastructure is crucial to maintaining operations and profitability. Property insurance safeguards your energy infrastructure against risks such as fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Property insurance policies can cover a wide range of assets, including power plants, substations, transmission lines, and more.

Equipment Insurance

Equipment breakdowns can result in costly downtime and repairs for energy companies, impacting operations and profitability. Equipment insurance can provide financial protection for your energy production equipment to help cover the costs of repairs or replacements for turbines, generators, compressors, and other equipment in the event of breakdowns or failures.

Environmental Liability Insurance

Environmental risks are a significant concern for energy companies, as spills, leaks, and other incidents can result in costly cleanup efforts and legal liabilities. Environmental liability insurance policies tailored specifically for the energy sector can help protect your company from claims of pollution, contamination, and environmental damage, ensuring compliance with regulations and safeguarding your reputation.

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