Real Estate Insurance Solutions to Protect Your Investments

Real estate insurance is designed to protect the real estate investments you’ve worked hard for and ensure their future is secure. RIG risk advisors understand the complexities of the real estate industry and the importance of protecting your valuable assets. Whether you are a property owner, landlord, or real estate investor – or all three – you’ll receive comprehensive real estate insurance solutions tailored to your needs from RIG.

Why Choose RIG for Real Estate Insurance? 

From RIG, you get comprehensive real estate insurance designed to safeguard your properties against a range of risks. Whether you own residential or commercial real estate, the solution crafted for you will provide financial protection against property damage, liability claims, and unforeseen events to give you the freedom to prosper.


Specialized Real Estate Insurance Coverage

Property Insurance

Dedicated property insurance protects your real estate assets. Your coverage should extend beyond the physical structure of your property and encompass your valuable belongings, equipment, and fixtures. Comprehensive coverage ensures that your investments are secure from risks such as fire, theft, and natural disasters.

Property Liability Insurance

Mitigate risks associated with liability claims through property liability insurance. This coverage protects you from legal expenses and damages in the event of an accident or injury on your property, providing you with peace of mind as a property owner.

Commercial Property Insurance

For commercial property owners, specialized commercial property insurance addresses the unique challenges faced by businesses. Tailored policies from RIG offer protection against property damage, business interruption, and liability claims specific to commercial real estate. This coverage also extends beyond real estate and encompasses equipment, inventory, and other business assets.

Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance meets the distinct needs of rental and investment properties. This coverage is designed to ensure the continuous success of your rental business and protection of your financial interests.

Comprehensive coverage from RIG will protect you and your rental properties against potential risks such as property damage caused by tenants, liability claims, and loss of rental income.

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