Manufacturing Insurance to Protect Your Business, Equipment, and Employees

Manufacturing insurance tailored specifically for the unique challenges and risks that manufacturers face daily offers you the peace of mind to ensure the longevity and success of your manufacturing operations.

Manufacturing Insurance Coverage Tailored to Your Needs

Manufacturing insurance coverage from RIG is specifically designed to meet the needs of your industry. Whether you operate a small factory or a large manufacturing plant, customizable policies will meet your unique needs to protect your business, equipment, and employees.

Industrial Insurance

Industrial insurance solutions encompass a wide range of coverage options, including property insurance to safeguard your facilities and machinery, liability coverage to protect against third-party claims, and product liability insurance to mitigate risks associated with the products you manufacture.

Machinery Insurance

Machinery insurance plans ensure that your vital equipment is protected against unforeseen events such as breakdowns or malfunctions. With comprehensive coverage, you can rest assured knowing that your manufacturing operations are safeguarded against potential risks.

Risk Management for Manufacturing

At RIG, your risk advisors will be experts in risk management for the manufacturing industry and understands the importance of proactive measures to minimize risks and protect your business. Your risk team will work closely with you to assess your unique risk profile and develop tailored insurance solutions that address your specific needs.

From identifying potential hazards to implementing risk mitigation strategies, your RIG risk advisors will help you navigate the complex landscape of manufacturing risk management to minimize disruptions to your operations and give you the freedom to prosper.

Workers’ Compensation and Employee Safety 

Employee safety is paramount in the manufacturing industry, and workers’ compensation insurance policies are designed to ensure the well-being of your workforce. In the event of a workplace injury or illness, your coverage will provide financial protection for medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs, allowing your employees to focus on recovery without worrying about their financial security.

You will also have access to customized safety training programs and resources to help you create a culture of safety in your manufacturing facility. By prioritizing employee safety and well-being, you can reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and improve overall productivity.

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